Marine Odyssey

A tribute to the secret and fascinating beauty of this underwater fauna.

Marine Odyssey, M’s new collection of nine unique pieces, is a tribute to the secret and fascinating beauty of this underwater fauna. This collection of daring high jewelry pieces recreates, with its bright and shining precious stones, the flamboyance of corals and the unsuspected colors of sea creatures. Jellyfish, octopus and fish, seahorse, starfish and corals are evoked with a poetry filled with tenderness and a crazy extravagance magnified by the most beautiful and precious stones.

des Mers

« As a peaceful traveler, the leafy sea dragon moves silently in the depths of the sea. »

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Danse Marine

« The medusa, in its ample and slow ballet, seems to move to the rhythm of breathing. »

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« Reflecting the Indigo nuances of the high seas, the necklace vibrates under the light with each movement and sublimates the brilliance of diamonds »

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« The long lightweight titanium tentacles of the octopus are articulated, quivering with all their sparkling near the face and enchanting to the eye. »

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« It creeps along, grazing the water surface and picking up some rays of sunlight on its dazzling sapphire and mother-of-pearl scales. »

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Nuit d’Encre

« In the depths of the abyss, the light becomes obsidian and disappears from the eyes of men. »

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« The details of this jewel are composed like a painting, heightened by the final touch of the ruby set on the clasp »

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Eden Marin

« The colors of the coral vary from pinkish white to pure red, courting pink and vermillion in the process. »

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Fleur de Corail

« A flamboyant plume of feathers unfolds like a magnificent scarlet coral. »

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